Week 3: part 2 -businesses websites/social media

5 Businesses and the Social Media They Use
Christina's Luxuries in Boulder, CO. Women's intimate apparel and clothing speciality shop. -Website: clearly posts a link to their Instagram account. Only SM noted. -Last post today 9/5/2019 -Post are consistent, pictures are beautiful but 'likes' no more than 20 on any given post. Instagram interaction needs to be heightened and other SM outlets explored. Predominantly an online bra shop carrying their own designs. Recently opened a retail store in SF. -Website: Interactive pop-ups for sizing, pop-up for personal chat, ads for free shipping after certain price purchase is met. Social Media all the way at the bottom and icons for FB, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter used as links -Last Posts: FB- 2/24/2019  Insta-9/5/2019 post daily  Pin- pages dedicated to not only bra care, education, but food, clothes  Twit- 9/5/2019 tweets most days. last post about upc…

Week 3 part 1- communications B2C, C2B

Customer service is the cornerstone to a successful business. The dynamic nature of retail now , being less face to face, is a reinvention of what customer service is and how it's delivered. I think when a customer has a positive experience it resonates with them more now than ever. I believe bad customer service has become common place and dismissed as the means for doing business. It has to be really insulting to be considered bad, the absence of any service (which should be considered bad service) is expected particularly when it comes to online shopping. -After all, your interacting with a computer and your cc.

What we listen to as consumers of online purchases is maybe the sales presentation, pictures of the products and of course reviews, but what makes a return customer? A return customer of not only the product but the store? Customer service is still the standout to differentiate yourself from the pack. But how do you make online shopping a personal experience?

The bigge…

Week 2: Post comments

I posted comments to the three in my group. Chris made me start thinking of demographics, the media outlet's goals on which you're posting. Donald gave me insight into paid ads, which seems obvious but I really hadn't thought of before. And Hannah's thoughts on Youtube and Instagram really got me thinking of the inter-connectivity of all the platforms. Everyone comes at social media it different manners. It's food for thought.

Week 2: Part 1

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Oh my! There are so many Social Media platforms. Yes, we want to reach the appropriate audience but also what platform do you enjoy and which ones are you particularly good at using? Everyone wants to have a good time. Success in business should be fun too. I think the sites you have fun using you can manipulate to get your message whether personal or business across.

My favorite Social Media site is Instagram. I get to follow museums from around the world, history buffs, fashion mags, book lovers and bookstores, bands and band members, of course friends and family, then there's celebrities, plant shops, science and space, - I can zone out and enjoy for way too long. So without a doubt businesses have success in maintaining enthusiasm for products and their lifestyle image with Instagram.  I have purchased merchandise both posted and from ads, become a follower and found other sites through their connections. Whether personal or business is covers its …

CbradyW1: Choosing a template

Navigating my way around this website is not an intuitive thing for me. Once I finally accomplished viewing some options, I just wanted to pick the first one. I can't say I went much further, I chose Notable, a basic design with a grey background. It was clean and classic. After playing with the settings and trying to figure out some of the features I changed my mind. I did chose the first one, Contempo is what I ended up with.

Notable I couldn't figure out how to add a background picture. I don't think it's intended to have- too clean and classically bland. With the Contempo layout I was able to add the background of the hanging tops. Ultimately, I will be writing a lifestyle blog and attaching thoughts to a woman's boutique website. I liked the stock photo of a shop, a suggestion of a brick and mortar is important. I want the imagery to evoke a feeling of a genuine shopping experience.

I played with some of the settings, added a description and a photo. The compu…